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diy mission

Our Mission is to empower youth to reach their full potential through character development, mentorship, college and career readiness.

diy vision

We provide a place where youth can express themselves as they find their passion and explore it further.  We encourage creativity, which builds a well rounded person and we are passionate about helping the youth and families in our community.

Diy testimonies

“Exceptional mentor and very dedicated to the growth, and inspiration to youth. Open minded

individual who understands the struggles of youth and provides the guidance they need to

move beyond any hardships and helps them fight for success.”-Klio Williams

“Te’Ara has the natural ability to connect with her clients and help them discover their dreams

and achieve their desires.”-Ashley Paavola

“Te’Ara Arman has been a significant instrument in the transition from high school to college

for my daughter and two of my scholarship recipients. Throughout the whole process she

made sure all parties were on the same page ultimately ending with three of our future being

enrolled at Dillard University of New Orleans. Not only did Mrs. Arman keep in touch and

mentor all three students through their freshman year, she also went above and beyond to

make sure they were enrolled for their sophomore year. Mrs. Arman is an essential piece to

the puzzle that our family calls life. We are honored and blessed to know her.”-Eric Brisker

“Great business and service! I highly recommend!!!!”-Ron’Rico Judon

diy FouNDER

Te’Ara Arman, Entrepreneur, Founder and Speaker specializes in attention to detail, appropriate budgeting and developing youth through character development, mentorship, college and career readiness. Te’Ara Arman’s passion for helping, supporting and mentoring other’s can be traced back to her experiences as a member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis where she spent a significant time learning not only how to guide herself but others to their potential. Over the years those experiences gave her the blueprint to not only be a success in organization and strategic planning, but also creating, developing

and implementing fundraising strategies, student and parenting workshops.